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Manchester Disabled People's Access Group

Manchester Disabled People's Access Group

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Access Consultancy and Inclusive Design

Experienced MDPAG access auditors, who are disabled people, can provide a range of services, at competitive prices, which can assist with inclusive designs of new and refurbished buildings and open and public spaces, assist in planning applications, help with risk assessment for events and making them more inclusive and help to make inclusive designs meet a range of equality and diversity objectives.

We consider barriers faced by disabled people with a wide range of impairments, including people with mobility, visual and hearing impairments, people who are neuro-diverse, people with learning difficulties and cognitive impairments, people with long-term health issues and with mental health issues and people who have multiple impairments.

We can help organisations meet the requirements of the Equality Act, particularly in making reasonable adjustments and anticipating the needs of disabled people, including those of many older people.

We also refer to national legislation, guidance and a range of local, regional and national best practice and specialist standards in our audits and recommendations and, where appropriate, arrange consultations with a range of disabled people and disabled people’s organisations.

Making Places Accessible Making Events Accessible Making Services Accessible Clients Using the Social Model of Disability and best practice standards Contact
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