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Manchester Disabled People's Access Group

Manchester Disabled People's Access Group

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Making Places Accessible

Improving access to buildings, public spaces, parks and the countryside, highways and pedestrian routes, parking and transport through:

  • Access audits
    • Experienced access auditors, some with additional professional qualifications, can provide detailed access audits of proposed and existing buildings and environments, with detailed measurements, assessments and observations, descriptions, explanations and recommendations, based upon national, local and best practice standards.
  • Access surveys and Show and Tell surveys
    • For a small fee, a disabled access auditor will go round a building or space and talk through the access barriers in the area. There is a discount for a following full access audit.
  • Access appraisals
    • We can assess plans and proposals or refurbishment options, which would identify any key issues and barriers. MDPAG work closely with designers and developers to develop alternative and more inclusive designs and solutions.
  • Information audits
    • We can carry out an audit of information provided to staff and to the public, including publicity, letters and pre-information, information provided at a venue or organisation, signage and wayfinding, and for specific activities such as publicity, training, presentations or manuals and reports.
  • Website audits
    • We carry out audits of websites to cover meeting Equality Act and international accessibility standards, including manual and digital testing, design of pages and appropriate content.
  • Design and Access Statements
    • We can provide guidance, where Access Statements are required for a planning application and for Design and Access Statements required for Building Control or for Approved Inspectors.
  • Policy and procedure reviews
    • We can assist in reviewing or developing policies and procedures to ensure that organisations meet the requirements of the Equality Act.
  • Customised training
    • MDPAG have experienced and qualified trainers who customise all training for clients and where appropriate, use case studies and information from workplaces to ensure that all learning styles are met and that participants can identify where they can apply the outcomes of every training session in their work.
  • Consultations with disabled people
    • MDPAG can bring together disabled people with a range of impairments to carry out consultations on policies and procedures or building proposals.
  • General information
    • Information and guidance on the Equality Act, Building Regulations, Planning guidance and specialist access standards.

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