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Manchester Disabled People's Access Group

Manchester Disabled People's Access Group

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TfGM Bus Priority Consultation

Summary of proposals

MDPAG requests that the Committee gives favourable consideration to the following proposals:

1.1 Undertake a detailed design assessment of and consultation on the Dutch style cycle lanes, including the inclusion of visual and audible features, to protect the safety of pedestrians crossing the cycle lanes to and from bus stops, with a report to TfGMC before general approval for the scheme is given.

1.2 Undertake a detailed assessment of access to premises and services for disabled people, including access by blue badge holders, and provide additional accessible parking bays to in appropriate locations, to Department for Transport and Design for Access 2 standards.

1.3 The provision of additional controlled crossings where the changes will increase traffic flow and where hazards for pedestrians have already been identified, including the top of Portland Street, Charlotte Street, Minshull Street and Nicholas Street.

1.4 Undertake improvements to signage for pedestrians and car drivers to ensure clear routes to premises particularly along Upper Brook Street, access to premises and services from Cambridge Street/Lloyd Street North/Upper Lloyd Street, around Oxford Road, Portland Street and the Northern Quarter.

1.5 Undertake improvements to the highway and pavements along pedestrian routes, particularly on Portland Street and in the Northern Quarter, including well designed and regularly maintained crossing points.

1.6 Provide additional on-street accessible parking bays near to the restricted routes.

1.7 Provide accessible parking bays, adjacent to or shared with loading bays along the restricted routes, which will be made available to delivery vehicles.

1.8 Provide clear access to restricted areas for blue badge holders where access is required to premises and services for disabled people.

1.9 Consider a change of policy, allowing the inclusion of Blue Badge holders in the list of vehicles allowed access to the restricted routes.

Download Full TfGM Bus Priority Consultation report (word)

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