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Manchester Disabled People's Access Group

Manchester Disabled People's Access Group

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Design for Access 2

Design for Access 2 manual provides a set of good practice standards to improve the provision of accessible design in new buildings, refurbishments and in the environment.

This edition updates and expands upon the previous Design for Access Manual. It builds upon existing government regulations and guidance by taking account of new technology and the experience of disabled people in using services, buildings and the environment.

It is used by Manchester City Council and many other organisations in Manchester and the UK. It should also be helpful for all organisations that want to use best practice, to meet the requirements of the Equality Act.

As the definition of “reasonable adjustments” is established over time, it is possible that the minimum access standards and guidance, produced by the government, will not be sufficient. This manual provides a practical and clear set of best practice standards supporting equal access to facilities in buildings and the environment.

Since the publication of the standards, MDPAG have developed further specifications. Please contact us for details.

design for access 2

Content of manual

Design for Access 2 is split into sections which include notes and diagrams illustrating good practice. Each section has been updated and the manual covers external and internal environments. There are also sections on reception and refreshment areas, baby changing areas, communication systems, listed buildings, dwellings, management and maintenance and compliance procedures.

The manual is part of a process of improving access and represents agreements reached with the City Council. It may be possible to improve on the standards in many circumstances and it does not replace the need for access audits for new and existing buildings and an audit of plans, fixtures and fittings for new and refurbished buildings, preferably carried out in consultation with disabled people’s access groups.

This manual was jointly produced by MDPAG and Manchester City Council staff, and includes contributions from other disabled people’s groups in Manchester. It has been adopted as City Council policy and also underpins access audits carried out by MDPAG.

The manual is available on the Internet from MDPAG download pdf and from the Manchester City Council website. We welcome comments and you can contact us for more information.

Other joint standards are available, including accessible toilet suites (hygiene rooms) for children (primary schools) and adults.

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