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Manchester Disabled People's Access Group

Manchester Disabled People's Access Group

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Lloyd Street

MDPAG is raising issues with Manchester City Council, about the design of Lloyd Street and Mount Street. We are concerned about the following:

  • Colour and location of the tactile paving
  • Lack of contrast between the pavements, roadway and kerbs
  • Poor lighting
  • Use of planters as obstacles in the pedestrian route
  • Lack of marked out accessible parking
  • Lack of kerbs on one side and cyclists travelling at speed along the shared space with pedestrians

These are all contributing to a hazardous street environment where people are falling and tripping regularly. We believe it is a very unsafe area for a wide range of disabled people.


Lloyd St  night

Because of the number of falls, there are now temporary barriers along Lloyd Street kerbs for the duration of the Xmas Markets.

We are also pointing out that Building Regulations should have been applied to Lloyd Street, as an access route in the Town Hall Complex and that the City Council may be in breach of the Equality Act by not anticipating the needs of disabled people.

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